Hi, I, Dr Pragati Sawhney am a past dentist, with a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University New York. I hand makes all the chocolates myself and gets assistance as possible.

  I started this journey when I took a chance chocolate making class while visiting Delhi, India in 2011. Here I saw the lady put a cup of vegetable oil, sugar, some bottled flavors in a mass of “chocolate” in a pot over boilng water. This disturbed me greatly as none of the healthy were healthy and nor was the chocolate real but a compound of chocolate (made with cacao flavor, milk powder and sugar!) Real chocolate or couverture contains cacao butter, cacao liquor not vegetable oil and cacao flavored powder.

As I researched, found this homemade “chocolate” spread all over India and same was even in big known Indian brands and bakeries of five-star hotels. Besides no public awareness, there was no nutritional labeling or regulations to control the growing trend damaging to public health.

I further researched for months about issues and worked full time overcoming barriers to launch Chockriti Chocolates, with an added social mission (click here). The products are made from 100 percent real cacao from Europe, India and fresh brews of organic raw teas, flowers, spices and herbs with both US FDA and FSSAI compliant safe nutritional labeling. There is no added sugar*, vegetable oil, butter or artificial ingredients including commercial flavors or colors. I certified from Ecole Chocolat in 2012. Completed few more sessions at Culinary Institute of America and Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. In 2013, participated in the International Chocolate Awards and further honed my fine chocolate skills.  In 2014, was finalist in the National Woman Entrepreneur award and in 2015 won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” hosted by TieCon and Power2SME. Read Here

Chockriti Chocolates was also in the final 21 most innovative start ups all over India selected by Lufthansa and Times of India for their show Runway to Success Season 4.


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