About Chockriti

  Born in India in 2011, Chockriti™Chocolates is a fine art chocolatier specializing in all-natural artisanal chocolates from sustainable organic cacao farms in South India and premium cacao from Belgium. It is India’s first online chocolate brand with pure 100 percent cacao artisan chocolates with a two fold mission of “Saving Good People from Bad Chocolate!!” and “Bringing art, purity and creativity in chocolate products made in India”.

   The name Chockriti means Fine Chocolate Work of Art- “Choc” is short for Chocolate and “Kriti” means “Work of Art” in Sanskrit. The interesting fact about Chockriti lotus flower is that it symbolizes the purity and goodness in all the ingredients and signifies the abundance in nature from where they come from.


 Inspired by India's culture and traditions, Chockriti curates the best Indian chocolates that are not only beautiful but best represent flavors of India.  With rare flavors in chocolates not available anywhere else in India and some worldwide as well like Thandai, Goat Cheese, African Rooibos Tea, Zataar, Kaffir lime, Lavender etc.


The rich contemporary bars and truffles are made in small batches with 55-100 percent cacao married with fresh brews of organic real dried flowers, tea, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world with no added sugar, butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase, alcohol or artificial flavorings. The products include vegan, sugar and soy lecithin free and leave the modern palate with a unique gastronomical experience. with added health benefits of only pure dark chocolate and therapeutic properties of natural teas, flowers, spices and herbs.

Single Origin Organic Bean Origin- South India 

Fine Belgian Chocolate Bean Origin - West Africa 

We also work with chocolate from sustainably sourced cocoa beans – crafted in Belgium.


Every day, we create the foods that we love - and that you love too, we hope.

And every day, we try to keep our quality standards high – picking fresh ingredients, full of taste and packed with the nutrients that keep us going.

We believe that by doing so, we can add our bit to the quality of life of everyone who pays us a visit. Quality of life also matters to the ones who supply us: from the local farmers and suppliers close to us, to the ones who grow the cocoa beans for our chocolate. That’s why we choose our chocolate wisely. It’s Belgian. And from sustainably sourced cocoa beans. You can trust our chocolate to be made from directly sourced cocoa beans from farmers and cooperatives in West Africa. Farmers who apply modern agriculture with respect for their nature and forests, and who put their craft in every cocoa tree. Farmers who get a fair price for their cocoa beans and feel empowered to grow their entrepreneurial skills – just like we do. With every bite of our chocolate, you can count on the change it brings for the quality of life of thousands of West African cocoa farmers.


We pride ourselves on great chocolate taste.

That’s why we work with sustainable chocolate – crafted in Belgium.

Great taste means the world to us – and probably to you too. That’s why we choose our chocolate wisely – simply because it’s a key ingredient in many of our dishes. And its taste is more than the skill of the chocolate maker. It starts at the source, with the love and passion of the cocoa farmers. Their care for the soil, the forests and the earth make the cocoa trees thrive. Their craftsmanship yields better cocoa beans, full of taste.

We make a choice for chocolate that sides with the cocoa farmers in West Africa. By passing on know-how on modern farming techniques, they become better farmers. And by buying the beans directly from them, they earn a better income that rewards their craftsmanship. Enjoy our chocolate to the fullest. In every bite and every sip you’ll taste the unique taste of craftsmanship.


Trust starts at the source: with the farmers of our cocoa beans.

That’s why we work with sustainable chocolate – crafted in Belgium.

Great food starts with knowing and trusting the people behind it. The people who grow the ingredients and respectfully work with nature, the chefs who make the best out of every dish. Our chocolate is made with cocoa beans grown by thousands of farmers around the equator. To guarantee that the farmers thrive, get the best out of their crops and earn a fair price for their crop, we make a choice for sustainable Belgian chocolate.


Our chocolate maker builds partnerships with local farmer cooperatives. By siding with the farmers and passing on know-how about modern farming techniques, they grow better beans. By buying the beans directly from the cooperatives, the farmers earn a better income. And by raising awareness around child labour and empowering them to send their kids to school, you can fully trust this chocolate and enjoy its great taste without any bitterness



For each chocolate you buy, Cocoa Horizons reinvests a part in farmer training  and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. With their crops, we can continue bringing you superior taste. And in turn, they make a better living out of cocoa farming. Part of the revenue of this chocolate is invested in training programmes for women in West Africa. These programmes empower women in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into real business and become successful cocoa farmers. In turn, these women-farmers become financially independent and can support their families better. This chocolate empowers young people to make their entrepreneurial ambitions come true. They get access to training and tools to convert start-up cocoa farms into upscale farms and become the thriving farmers of tomorrow. For each chocolate you buy, part is invested in farmer training and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. With their crops, we can continue bringing you superior taste. And in turn, they make a better living out of cocoa farming. The cocoa beans for our chocolate are bought as much as possible directly from farmer cooperatives. This way, the farmers earn a better price for their crops, can invest in their farms and improve their livelihood. Part of the revenue of this chocolate goes back to farmers. It is invested in training programmes and tools for cocoa farmers to become better craftsmen. And better beans means better taste, and a better price for their crop.




We source cocoa sustainably: for every bag of beans we buy, we reinvest part in farmer training and coaching. This way, cocoa farmers become better farmers, make a better income and can keep soiling us with great taste.